Jennie Allen – The Clinic

Writer and Director: Jennie Allen Film: The Clinic Year: 2018 Tyler Wood Credit: Sound Design, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer Trailer for “The Clinic”: —-      the clinic on imdb      — … A skeptical woman participates in an experimental research study, taking a high dose of psilocybin to face her fears about dying. … Read more

Alex Gibney – Cooked

Director: Alex Gibney Network: Netflix Year: 2016 Tyler Wood Credit: Foley Artist and Recording Engineer —  watch online  —  jigsaw productions  —  michael pollan  — imdb  — … for this mini-series by featuring Michael Pollan, i had the great opportunity to create, perform, and record foley sounds for episode 1. Included in my list of foley … Read more

Zach Carver – Amateur Dictator

Writer and Director: Zach Carver Film: Amateur Dictator Year: 2014 Tyler Wood Credit: Sound Design, Mixing Engineer View Film On Vimeo: —-      amateur dictator site       zach carver site      — … jorge mendoza is a nyc building manager who dreams of becoming a dictator …

Jennie Allen – Relics

Writer and Director: Jennie Allen Year: 2013 Tyler Wood Credits: Composer, Musician, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer Relics – End Credit Music Relics – End Credit Music   Trailer for “Relics” —-      relics on imdb      — … a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman gets caught up in the battle of wills between an ailing … Read more

Jennie Allen – Sunday

Writer and Director: Jennie Allen Year: 2011 Tyler Wood Credit: Film Mixing Trailer: —     “sunday” on imdb      — … when a suburban escort girl is thwarted by a timid john who just wants her to talk, she allows herself to remember, and has an experience she won’t forget …