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Cooked - (Netflix/Jigsaw)

Network: Netflix
Show: Cooked
Year: 2016
Tyler Wood Credit: Foley Artist and Recording Engineer


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... For this mini-series by Jigsaw Productions and featuring Michael Pollan, I had the great opportunity to create, perform, and record foley sounds for Episode 1. Included in my list of foley sounds was the lizard scene (solution was a wheelbarrow full of dirt and about 3 feet of rubber garden hose) ... fun work!


Jennie Allen - Relics

Director: Jennie Allen
Film: Relics
Year: 2013
Tyler Wood Credit: Film Score Composer, Musician, Recording Engineer

Trailer for "Relics"

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... A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman gets caught up in the battle of wills between an ailing woman and her pretty yet stubborn daughter. His hopes of creating a deeper connection with the younger woman are tempered by his inability to ignore her mother's heartfelt request in this surprising dramedy about the heartbreaks and hilarity of life ...


History Of The Eagles

Director: Alison Ellwood
Film: History Of The Eagles, Part 1
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credit: Additional Sound Mixing

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... editor and long-time friend Michael J. Palmer brought me on board this documentary, which proved an incredible experience. I got to go through and mix hours of Eagles multitracks spanning the decades -- including Bill Szymczyk's amazing original studio master tapes and concert footage from the enormous stadium shows of the band's heyday ...


Jennie Allen - Sunday

Director: Jennie Allen
Film: Sunday
Year: 2011
Tyler Wood Credit: Film Mixing

Trailer for "Sunday"

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... when a suburban escort girl is thwarted by a timid john who just wants her to talk, she allows herself to remember, and has an experience she won't forget ...

Jennie Allen - Love Seat

Director: Jennie Allen
Film: Love Seat
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credit: Film Score Composer, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer

Theme from "Love Seat"  Theme from "Love Seat"

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...A little Brooklyn Bromance I was asked to score. I had one day, surrounded myself with instruments and microphones, and went to town. Justin Wood makes a cameo on clarinet, the rest is me having a blast ...