Ryan Blotnick - Kush

Artist: Ryan Blotnick
Album: Kush
Year: 2016
Tyler Wood Credit: Mixing Engineer

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…a very spirited, warm and meditative album from long time friend and fellow Maine native Ryan BLotnick…super relaxing and joyful to mix this…


Christopher Tignor - Along A Vanishing Plane

Artist: Christopher Tignor
Album: Along A Vanishing Plane
Year: 2016
Tyler Wood Credit: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (part 2)  "One Eye Blue, One Eye Black (part 2)"

Dead Letter Library  "Dead Letter Library"

Video for "Shapeshifting"

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... For this filmed recording session we chose to record remotely, in a beautiful old high school auditorium/gymnasium. It was a delightfully haunted space with perfect acoustics for Tignor's sounds ...

Glass Ghost - LYFE

Artist: Glass Ghost
Album: Lyfe
Year: 2014
Tyler Wood Credit: Producer, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer


Video for "Home For The Holidays"

Video for "Life Is For The Living"

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…Making music with Eliot, Mike and Aerial is one of the great joys of my life, and we're so proud to release our second record! we did the bulk of it in my brooklyn brownstone bedroom and it was a passion project for everyone involved...

Spoke - ( R )anthems

Artist: Spoke
Album: ( R )anthems
Year: 2014
Tyler Wood Credit: Recording and Mix Engineer

Shepherd  "Shepherd"
Invisible Lady  "Invisible Lady"
Pure Imagination  "Pure Imagination"

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It's been so great to see these guys turn into a real BAND over the years -- and I'm always happy to work with my older brother Justin. We recorded this beautiful album at one of my favorite places to work - Vibromonk Brooklyn

Joan As Police Woman - The Classic

Artist: Joan As Police Woman
Album: The Classic
Year: 2014
Tyler Wood Credit: Producer, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer

Good Together  "Good Together"
Holy City  "Holy City"

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...my first project producing with Joan -- incredible to work with her and Parker Kindred in the studio, after having done so many live shows together...

Richie Barshay - Sanctuary

Artist: Richie Barshay
Album: Sanctuary
Year: 2014
Tyler Wood Credits: Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

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This was an incredibly fun and challenging session inside a historic synagogue in Brooklyn. I brought in a mobile rig and we did one day in the empty sanctuary, and the second day we invited an audience. The lion's share of the album came from the live show. It was a total joy to work with Richie!

Oh My Goodness EP

Artist: Oh My Goodness
Album: Oh My Goodness EP
Year: 2013
Tyler Wood Credits: Producer, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer

Oh My Goodness EP

Video for "OMG OMG"

Remix Album

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Therese Workman and I met briefly while cleaning college dorm rooms for extra cash. Years later, through the magic of myspace, we reconnected, and I heard her music for the first time. I was blown away. The following summer we holed up in a barn in rural Maine (our mutual home state), and these six songs are the result. Ladies and gents, please welcome Oh My Goodness to the world!

Odds of Survival - You Will Be Rescued

Artist: Odds of Survival
Album: You Will Be Rescued
Year: 2013
Tyler Wood Credit: Mixing Engineer

Three years ago, four of my favorite people formed a band. It just so happens that they are also four of my favorite musicians, and all of them close friends for at least a decade. I couldn't have been happier to be tasked with mixing their debut record


History Of The Eagles

Director: Alison Ellwood
Film: History Of The Eagles, Part 1
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credit: Additional Sound Mixing

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... editor and long-time friend Michael J. Palmer brought me on board this documentary, which proved an incredible experience. I got to go through and mix hours of Eagles multitracks spanning the decades -- including Bill Szymczyk's amazing original studio master tapes and concert footage from the enormous stadium shows of the band's heyday ...



Artist: JBabun
Album: JBabun
Year: 2012
Tyler Wood Credit: Mixing

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...Wonderful debut album from a band that's bursting with energy and creativity. I love mixing homespun recordings when they sound like this ...


Wires Under Tension - Replicant

Artist: Wires Under Tension
Album: Replicant
Year: 2012
Tyler Wood Credit: Mixing

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... really intense project that involved trekking to New Jersey to record drums in an empty college auditorium, and then a marathon mix session ... Wires Under Tension are labelmates of Glass Ghost and Luke Temple ...


Jennie Allen - Sunday

Director: Jennie Allen
Film: Sunday
Year: 2011
Tyler Wood Credit: Film Mixing

Trailer for "Sunday"

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... when a suburban escort girl is thwarted by a timid john who just wants her to talk, she allows herself to remember, and has an experience she won't forget ...

Noam Weinstein - Found Alive

Artist: Noam Weinstein
Album: Found Alive
Year: 2010
Tyler Wood Credits: Musician, Mix Engineer

Noam Weinstein - "Fragile"  "Fragile"

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... I have been making music with Noam since college, dating back to my first album as a producer. "Found Alive" was made over the course of three memorable shows at the Living Room in NYC. Aside from receiving a jolting shock through my nose and leg via the mic / 1960's-era organ i was sitting at, the album was a joy to make. It features fellow Mainer Heather Masse on vocals, and was mixed in a barn ...

Glass Ghost - Idol Omen

Artist: Glass Ghost
Album: Idol Omen
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credits: Producer, Recording and Mix Engineer, Musician

Mechanical Life  "Mechanical Life"
Divisions  "Divisions"

Video for "Like A Diamond"
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I have known Eliot and Mike since the college days, and I was overjoyed to team up with them on one of my first full-on projects as a producer. The entire record was made in the Brooklyn brownstone I was living in at the time. The house featured a four story wooden stairwell, where we recorded (or re-recorded) most of the sounds. The second album from Glass Ghost is in currently in the works!

Chester French - Jacques Jams Vol. 1: Endurance

Artist: Chester French
Album: Jacques Jams Vol. 1
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credit: Mixing Engineer

Chester French - "I'm So Tall" feat. Bun B., Talib Kweli, Mickey Factz  "I'm So Tall" feat. Bun B., Talib Kweli, Mickey Factz

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... A Clinton-Sparks-curated mixtape that preceded their debut release on Interscope, this record was literally pieced together on the tour bus. Max and D.A.'s work was done, but we were waiting on superstars like Janelle Monae and Diddy to record verses and send them... We'd be downloading them on the crappy tourbus wifi as they came in (most at the last second), and integrating them into the songs. I mixed it in the back of the bus on a laptop with headphones, often feeling a bit motion-sick, sometimes a bit tall ...

Jennie Allen - Love Seat

Director: Jennie Allen
Film: Love Seat
Year: 2009
Tyler Wood Credit: Film Score Composer, Musician, Recording and Mix Engineer

Theme from "Love Seat"  Theme from "Love Seat"

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...A little Brooklyn Bromance I was asked to score. I had one day, surrounded myself with instruments and microphones, and went to town. Justin Wood makes a cameo on clarinet, the rest is me having a blast ...


Troglodytes - Ria

Artist: Troglodytes
Album: Ria
Year: 2006
Tyler Wood Credits: Musician (keyboards), Producer, Mixing Engineer

Troglodytes - "Reliable"  "Reliable"
Troglodytes - "Harbinger"  "Harbinger"
Troglodytes - "Ria"  "Ria"
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... Andrew Bergmann - Bass ... Uli Genenger - Drums ... Recorded during one of the most memorable summers of my life in Amsterdam, then brought back to Boston to mix ...